Alert Introduces Innovative LED Task Lights

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prolite electronix group | led task lightsAlert Stamping & Manufacturing introduces their new line of state-of-the-art Pro-Lite Electronix LED task lights. This unique line of work lights incorporates sleek, innovative design, with ease of use and functionality, truly representing the future in portable work lights. The Pro-Lite Electronix family has incorporated features demanded by tradesmen, contractors, and serious do-it-yourself work light users.

The family of Pro-Lite Electronix LED task lights includes; LE30-15, LE60-15 and LER24. These innovative task lights stay cool during use. The light emitting diode source produces light with no heat and lasts 100,000 hours or more. The models are available in various levels of intensities; including 24 to 120 LEDs. Even though these lights offer high-intensity illumination through the use of an efficient reflector lens system, they are very efficient using much less energy than incandescent or fluorescent lamps. All LED task lights include adjustable hanging hooks which offer 360 degrees of rotation for precise positioning and generous electrical cord length for convenient maneuvering. The LER24 and LER48C are rechargeable and use NiMH batteries.

  • Alert enhances their fluorescent work lights with a rechargeable product; #PLR13
  • Alert expands the LED line with an underhood light #LEH120 that has 120 LEDs and an expandable clamp for hood mounting.
  • Alert introduces LED flood lights that use 100 LED’s in 120V AC #LEP100 and 12V DC # LEPC100 models.
  • Alert adds three brim lights to their line of LED lighting products. These hands-free lights simply clip onto any hat brim and illuminate where you look. Battery operated and flexible come in three colors of LED: White #LEB5, Red #LEB5R, and Ultraviolet #LEB5-UV
  • Alert manufactures International Design Award-winning OVAL Walk lights. LED’s shine forward and directly down to light where you step. #OV-1 and ultra-bright #OV-2 are now available.

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